How is this for a beautiful guitar?!


This is possibly one of the most famous classical guitars of all time, but it certainly is the ugliest. It is also unlikely that it has ever been used to produce classical music because this is ‘Trigger’, Willie Nelson’s much-loved guitar.

Why am I showing a picture of this guitar? Firstly, because sometimes my playing sounds so poor to my ears that I am convinced that my guitar must be as bad as Trigger.  Then I remind myself of the well-known adage that it is a poor workman who blames his tools. Secondly, because it symbolises how I sometimes see my site

Let me explain. I started the classical guitar site about 18 months ago to serve beginner to intermediate classical guitarists. However, I really don’t have any way of knowing if it’s worth pursuing any longer. I suspect that it needs some rejuvenating – perhaps not as much as Trigger, but a face-lift and tummy-tuck never the less.

To rejuvenate the site I need some assistance and I am hoping that YOU may provide this, so, here is what I am asking of you:

  • Comment on this post with suggestions on how I can improve the usefulness of the site in general. I am more concerned with its utility than its visual appeal.
  • Let me know what topics you would like me to cover in the Journal section.
  • Better still, write an article for the Journal section or send me the link to an article, lesson, or video you think I should include.

Trigger looks like she should be put out of her misery but I really would like to extend the life of my ‘trigger’  for as long as I reasonably can … but I need some help to do this.

To be true to the title of this post, here is a picture of a really beautiful guitar – my imported handcrafted Yulong Gou double top that is eagerly waiting for a new owner.