El noi de la mare by Llobet

Performed here by Edson Lopes

A level 5 (intermediate) performance piece.

A Catalan folk song, which is both a lullaby and a Christmas song. The title is Catalan for “the mother’s baby boy”, where the mother refers to the Virgin Mary and the boy is the baby Jesus.

Miguel Llobet (18 October 1878 – 22 February 1938) was a Spanish classical guitarist, and a renowned virtuoso who toured Europe and America extensively. He arranged several Catalan folk songs for the solo guitar, as well as arrangements for the guitar of the piano compositions of Isaac Albéniz.

HERE is the musical score for this piece

A performance of the same piece by the famous Performed by Andres Segovia.

Stanley Myers “Cavatina”

This a beautiful but difficult piece originally written by Stanley Meyers for the piano but transcribed and expanded for guitar at the request of John Williams. Meyers wrote it for the film The Walking Stick in 1970, but it only became well known eight years later when it was used as the theme for The Deer Hunter.

John Williams was the first to perform Cavatina on the classical guitar. He recalls that when Andres Segovia heard him playing it he remarked that it was ‘a very pretty tune’. The word ‘cavatina’ is an Italian musical term meaning ‘a short song of simple character’, but the piece is anything but simple to play.

Here one of my favourite guitarists, Per-Olov Kindgren, plays Cavatina

If you let the clip play on you will discover a beautiful bonus, John Williams playing Julia Florida by Barrios.