Romance by Rene Bartoli

This is a lovely little piece for classical guitar graded at Level 3 – Transitional.  The guitarist in the video is Sandrine Luigi and the score was originally downloaded from ‘Dirk´s Guitar Page’ although I obtained it from Scribd.

I can’t find any information on this composer except that he was born in 1941 in France and came first in a prestigious classical guitar competition at the age of 21. One reference lists him as having died in 2011 but this may not be the case.


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  1. Beautiful, tasteful little jewel, this Romance by René Bartoli. It has, like the composer’s name a typical Italian atmosphere. I wonder about the copyrights, is it free to publish?

    1. I am always a little confused when it comes to copyrights, but I downloaded the musical score from Scribd where it is shown as Attribution Non-Commercial copyright. What I understand from this is that it can be used non-commercially but must be attributed to the composer. Youtube videos are normally also fine to use non-commercially and the one I chose shows the source site and artist in the opening frame. My site is entirely non-commercial.

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