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Allan Mathews and Matthew McAllister on Barre Technique

Allan writes; ‘Bar chords are strenuous.  They take strength and endurance.  They are hard to get right and easy to get wrong. But there are ways to make them more likely to work.  If we use our bodies well, bar chords can be, if not comfortable, at least doable’.

Its hard to execute Barre technique correctly and I have found them very difficult in certain positions. So, any help with this appreciated… Thanks Allan and Matthew

Smooth Shifts

In these three videos, Allan Mathews covers the trickiest aspects of shifting position on the classical guitar.

Right-hand articulation by Gohar Vardanya.

This lesson covers legato, staccato, and variations on these two techniques.

Basic tremolo exercise by Bradford Werner

Tips for the left hand by Bradford Werner

Left-hand finger independence by Bradford Werner

How to develop left-hand finger independence by Allan Matthews

Here is the full article

Tips and examples for practising scales by Bradford Werner

Scale in C Major by Simon Powis

Scales in G and F Major by Simon Powis

These are detailed instructions on how to play the scales but without video.

Barre exercise by Bradford Werner

Basic Left-hand slur exercises by Bradford Werner

Glissando by Gohar Vardanyan.

This is a lesson in the technique of sliding up from one note to another.

Left-hand stretch exercises by Simon Powis

Here is a link to the full article on Classical Guitar Corner.

Fixed finger exercises by Simon Powis.

This is a finger independence exercise for the left-hand

Left-hand warm up by Simon Powis

Legato shifting by Simon Powis

This is a lesson on how to move from one position to another as smoothly as possible.