Graded Pieces (Transitional Level)

Transitional Level Players

Graded Pieces

Explanation of grading system

Most classical amateur classical guitar players want to know more or less, how ‘good’ they are, and what music they can learn within their competency range. Grading guitar music is a subjective exercise and there are several systems available. I have used the Delcamp, ABRSM (Association Board of the Royal Schools of Music), and Guitarburst systems as a guide, but have also been influenced by personal experience of the difficulty involved in playing the various pieces.

Here is a table of what I have called TRANSITIONAL LEVEL pieces.  A  ‘P’ signifies that the particular piece is suitable for performing for others.

List of Transitional Level Pieces

Level Title of Piece Composer Tempo Key
Susse Air Carassi 160 C
Bourree Bach 120 C
Andante Op.60 No.14 Sor 80  G
Estudio lesson 19 Aguado 168 C
Etude – Study in C Tarrega 88 C
 P Romance Adagio in Em Mertz 68 Em
P Andantino in A Mertz 60 A
Theme Op 13 No 7 Mertz 80 Am
Scherzo Diabelli 116 G
 P Loves Greeting Elgar 69 C
Andantino Mertz 72 C
Adagio Mertz 76 G
 P Romance Study in Em Tarrega 72 Em
Andante Mertz 76 G
Op 44 No 6 Sor 84 G
Level Title of Piece Composer Tempo Key
P Etude No 3 Op 60 Carcassi 80 A
 P Prelude  1  BWV1007 Bach 80  C
Larghetto Aguado 40 G
Menuett Guiliani 104 F
P Spanish Romance Anon 92 Em
Theme Handle 92 A
Bourre Bach 132 A
P Lagrima Tarrega 80 E
 P Nocturn OP 4 No 2 Mertz 80 C

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