Articles (Transitional Level)

Transitional Level Players


Right-hand weight and balancing voices

This article by Simon Powis is about the challenges of bringing out the melody line in music while not losing the harmony or the bass lines.

String crossing and alternation

An article by Simon Powis

Right-hand preparation (planting)

Another helpful article by Simon Powis.

The barre

Simon Powis shares this article which covers some of the problems associated with playing the barre.


Simon Powis  on producing the vibrato effect.

What’s the point of practising scales by Allan Matthews

Allan answers this question is this excellent article.

Finger noise

Simon Powis discusses how to minimise squeaks when the Left-hand moves up the fretboard.

Scale practice by Simon Powis

Scales are an important part of finger training.


Simon Powis covers the art of producing harmonics on the classical guitar.

Starting a new piece

Simon Powis gives instruction on how to prepare for learning a new piece before you play the first note.

History of the Classical Guitar

An overview of the history of the CG with a link to more detailed historical research.

Graded Music

How to establish your level of playing and select pieces that will stretch you a little.