Lessons (Intermediate Level)

intermediate Level Players


Left-hand preparation

This is a Simon Powis lesson on how to anticipate and prepare for the next note to be played.

Six String Scales – Learning the Fretboard by Powis

Click HERE if you want his text explanation

Barring techniques by Scott Morris

Vibrato by McAllister

Improving Right-Hand Speed for Scales by Tariq Harb

Voice independence in the right hand by Powis

Intermediate Arpeggio Exercise for Guitar by Werner

Intermediate to Advanced Tremolo Lesson and Exercise by Werner

Left Hand Technique Advice with Matthew McAllister

Shifts and String Noise on Guitar by Werner

Smooth Shifts

 Moving from one position to another, especially up the keyboard, is problematic for most average guitarists. In these three videos, Allan Mathews covers the most tricky aspects of shifting position on the classical guitar.

Slurs on Guitar by Matthew McAllister

Vibrato by Gohar Vardanyan

Left-Hand Position & Guide Fingers by Morris

Right-hand trills

In this lesson, Gohar Vardanyan demonstrates the cross-string trill as an ornamentation technique.

Hinge bars

This is a lesson from Gohar Vardanyan on how to apply a full bar that only presses on the treble strings.

Grace notes

Gohar Vardanyan demonstrates the ornamentation technique known as grace notes.

Left-hand pressure exercises by Gohar Vardanyan

Arpeggios master class

Irene Gomez starts this lesson with very basic arpeggios but progresses rapidly to advanced exercises that are beyond the range of most intermediate players but provide an insight into what can be achieved using this technique.