Articles (Intermediate Level)

Intermediate Level Players


Pithy advice for classical guitar performers by Renato Bellucci

Praxtical advice on performance issues by a seasoned player, teacher, luthier.

Guitar Intonation

An article on the problems associated with tuning a guitar to pitch on all strings and at all fret positions. The author includes some practical advice for the average player.

Practising musically

Matthew McAllister demonstrates in the video below

Left-hand pressure and buzzing

An article/lesson by Simon Powis about how to learn to press as lightly as needed to make clear notes and includes a short video demonstration.

Breaking down a passage of music

Simon Powis explains a three step approach to analysing a piece of music in order to learn and master it.

Fast passages and dropped notes

Advice from Simon Powis on how to avoid dropping notes when playing fast passages.

Choosing repertoire

Simon Powis’ advice on how to select a collection of pieces for playing to others.

Slow practice

Simon Powis on how it is best to play very slowly through an exercise or piece of music in order to learn it correctly and master the techniques called for.

Memorising music

Simon Powis gives an overview of the factors involved in memorising a piece of music.

Developing speed

A comprehensive article by Simon Powis complete with video clip.

Smooth Shifts

How to move smoothly from one position to another