Music (Basic Level)

Basic Level Players

Music Scores

Level 1a

Here is a file containing the first eight pieces on the level 1a list (Click on the link for the music scores). These are very simple and ideal for players who have recently started the journey of classical guitar playing. However, if you are an absolute beginner then I suggest you rather start with Bradford Werner’s excellent Classical Guitar Method to first familiarise yourself with reading notes, key signatures, and so on.

I have been unable to find video clips for any of these pieces so I have produced a short lesson in PowerPoint format – click on the picture below to download the presentation.

Level 1b

I have identified 4 pieces from level 1b list which I think are suitable for playing before a small group of family or friends. Here are the videos of these pieces being performed by various musicians, with brief notes on each of them:

Andante by Kuffner

I have given both the TAB and music notations for those who have not yet mastered reading standard notation. I have provided the music score only for part 1 of this piece because I think the 2nd part is a little out of reach for a level 1b player:


Larghetto Espressivo by Carulli

Once again I have given both TAB and music notation for this piece. Here is Valery Sauvage again playing on his 1800 AD romantic guitar:


Valse by Cerda

This is a very easy piece to play but it sounds really nice and is a good performance piece at this level of difficulty. The person playing this is a little below tempo and I think the piece has more life in it when played at a metronome setting of about 120:


Op50 No1 Allegro by Giuliani

The sheet music is titled Op 50 No 1 but this is a mistake as the actual number of the work is No 13. This is flowing piece of music very suitable for performance at this level of play. Some schools of music use it as a test piece for their Grade 2 qualification and others use it to test Grade 1. Here Simon Powis plays the piece and gives a full lesson on how to handle it:


For Level 2

I have selected 7 pieces from the level 2 list which I think are suitable for playing before a small group of family or friends. Here are the videos with  brief notes on each of them:

Anglaise Op 121 No 6 by Ferdinando Carulli

I  have provided the TAB for this piece. Like most of the other works in this section, it is longer than in the previous levels of difficulty. However, there are no major challenges. Allan Mathews plays this piece with his usual professionalism:


Fantasia Impromptu by Frederic Chopin

This piece is transposed from the theme of a piano composition and is not as easy to play as it looks:



Fur Elise by Beethoven

This is another transcription of a famous piano piece. It should be easy enough to master if you identify the chords involved.  In this video, the guitarist does not play exactly as per the score I have provided and he adds some embellishments, but it is enough for you to get the idea of how the tune develops.


Etude by F. Carulli

This is easy enough to play but need to be up to tempo to sound as it should. Follow the left-hand finger indications. The tempo is faster than previous pieces and this might pose a challenge, but start slowly and build up speed later. Here is a performance of this piece by Jason Werkema, a professional teacher.


Morelia by J.K. Mertz, also known as Andantino

This is a lovely and somewhat dramatic piece presented here by Bradford  Werner. Bars 6 and 7 pose the only challenges here.

Sonatina (Op 333 No 9) by F. Carulli

This is a complete performance piece at this level. Follow the left-hand fingering suggestions. In this video, Edson Lopes plays the piece at 170 bpm (Allegrissimo), but this is beyond the expectation of a Basic level player – I suggest that you play it at 100 bpm (Allegretto)


Additional material for Level 1B

Although not a performance peice, Matteo Carcassi wrote a little prelude in A Minor that provides some nice managable challenges at this level of proficiency.

The score for this piece is HERE