Graded Pieces (Basic Level)

Basic Level Players

Graded Pieces

Explanation of grading system

Most amateur classical guitar players want to know more or less, how ‘good’ they are, and what music they can learn within their competency range. Grading guitar music is a subjective exercise and there are several systems available. I have used the Delcamp, ABRSM (Association Board of the Royal Schools of Music), and Guitarburst systems as a guide, but I have also been influenced by personal experience of the difficulty involved in playing the various pieces.

Here is a table of what I have called BASIC LEVEL pieces. The ‘P’ signifies that the particular piece is suitable for performing for others.

List of Basic Level Pieces

Level Title of Piece Composer Tempo Key
Waltz Calegari 160 G
Walzer Kuffner 160 G
Guitarra Aguado 108 C
Lecon II opus 60 Sor 100 C
Waltz No 4 Op 241 Carulli 69 G
Melode (II) Sor  100 C
Allegretto Carulli 114 C
Fandango Carulli 126 C
Level Title of Piece Composer Tempo Key
P Malaguena Anon 140 Am
P Leyenda Aon 140 Am
Prelude in Am Carcassi 80 Am
P Andante Kuffner 90 Am
Andante Carulli 90 C
Valse Aguado 132 G
Greensleeves Anon 80 C
P Larghetto Espressivo Carulli 62 C
P Valse Cerda 108 C
Andante I op 35 Sor 116 C
Andante Carcassi 104 C
Alligretto Kuffner 65 C
Cancion Lesson 1 Op 31 Sor 126 C
P Op50 No13 Allegro Giuliani 130 Am
Level Title of Piece Composer Tempo Key
P Anglaise Op 121 no 6 Carulli 85 C
P Fantasie Impromptu Chopin 100 Am
Leggiero Peppler 100 Am
Waltz Carcassi 50 Am
Folk Song Beethoven 72 G
March Clarke 104 D
Going Home Dvorak 52 C
Allegretto Carulli 120 C
Escozzese No 13 Op 24 Giuliani 120 C
P Fur Elise Beethoven 96 Am
Andantino Sor 112 C
Lecon V OP 60 Sor 76 C
Allegretto Kuffner 126 C
P Etude Carulli 168 C
Andantino Giuliani 76 C
Valse Variee Op 241 Carulli 58 C
P Morelia Mertz 72 Am
Concerto Tschaikowsky 72 C
P Sonatino no 9 op 333 Carulli 100 C
Study No 6 Op 60 Sor 70 A
 P Etude Carulli 96 Am