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History of the classical guitar

An abridged account of where the classical came from and how it developed over time.

Knowing your classical guitar

A description of the composition, parts, and  aspects of the classical guitar

Selecting a Guitar: Four Pertinent Questions By John M. Gilbert

The late John Gilbert gives sound advice on what to look for when purchasing a new or used classical guitar.

Cleaning and polishing your classical guitar

Read this article before rushing out and buying expensive guitar maintenance products.

Fundamentals of the classical guitar

This is a good introductory article by Simon Powis


Laminated versus solid wood in classical guitars

Most luthiers and experienced players agree that classical guitar tops should be constructed with high-quality solid wood instead of a laminated wood. A solid top generally has superior vibratory qualities to a laminated top and also improves in sound quality as it ages. However, laminated woods are by no means inferior when it comes to back and side construction. Many classical guitar enthusiasts look down their noses at instruments made with laminated wood sides and back, yet such guitars are often more robust and have bigger ‘voices’.


Practising with a metronome 

There are many free metronome apps for android, apple, and windows systems, so it shouldn’t be necessary to buy a special unit. In this article, Bradford Werner discusses the pros and cons of using a metronome.


Shaping your nails  

Bradford Werner lays out the basic principles and techniques of filing the right-hand nails for classical guitar playing

Sight reading 

Simon Powis on basic sight reading for classical guitar

Practice techniques 

This article by Simon Powis has a link to a free e-book on practising which is worth downloading.

Fingering principles

Simon Powis introduces the dynamics of left-hand fingering.

Shifting up and down the neck

Simon Powis gives advice on how to move accurately up and down the fretboard. The next article also deals with a way of doing this.

The guide finger

This article by Simon Powis is also about how to accurately navigate the guitar fretboard.

The pivot finger

This is the third article by Siman Powis.about how to move around the fretboard.

Great tuning apps for Android smartphone or tablet

In this article, I compare the best Android guitar tuning applications, give recommendations, and provide demonstration video clips.

Humidity and your guitar

Humidity is a very important consideration  – too high and the guitar gets dull and unresponsive; too low and it can crack!