La Catedral

Ana Vidovic plays La Catedral by Augustine Barrios, one of the hardest classical guitar pieces  to play.

Ana is of Croatian origin and started playing the classical guitar at five years of age. She started performing at the age of eight and is now 37 years of age (as at 2017) and is an internationally recognised performing and recording artist. She plays classical guitars designed and built by the Australian luthier Jim Redgate.

I have featured another piece written by Barrios in my previous post.

3 Replies to “La Catedral”

  1. Hi Chris, very useful site, thanks for doing it!
    May I ask why you think La Catedral is one of the hardest CG pieces to play? Of the 3 movements, which is the hardest or or they all hard?

    1. Thanks Steve. From my perspective as an intermediate level player (just), the first movement is “yes well Ok, maybe”, the second movement is “Perhaps with a LOT of practice”, and the third movement is “No way Jose!” 🙂

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