Aiersi SC03DCZ Yulong Guo

 Yulong Guo a.echoes – Concert  Grade

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Price = R18,950.00 which includes case   SOLD



And this is what it sounds like

About this guitar

This is a beautiful guitar; beautiful to look at, to play, and to listen to. The top is made of two very thin layers of AAAA Spruce or Cedar reinforced with a layer of Nomex. The result is a super-thin top that is very strong and vibrates freely to produce exceptional sound quality and volume. The back and sides are made of solid Ziricote wood which is seldom used in guitar construction because of its rarity. The neck is made of matt finish Cyprus wood and is velvety smooth and a pleasure to play. The binding is three-line flamed maple which gives the whole instrument an extremely attractive finish. The bridge has a 12-hole string fastening system and the tuning machines are individual 18:1 fittings of excellent quality. The original headstock design reflects the style of the guitar’s designer and construction supervisor, the world renowned Luthier Yulong Gou. He personally signs off on all these instruments in his a echoes range. This is a true concert guitar but any player would be proud to own it.

Dr Christopher Peppler

Evaluation of the  Classical Guitar range

By Luigi  Marucchi    Luthier    Feb 2017
I have inspected the four guitars offered for sale by Classical Guitars SA and comment as follows:

The overall workmanship and build quality are excellent resulting in well-built and balanced guitars.

The prices of the guitars on offer are well within the range of fair value.

The Concert Grade Yulong Guo classical guitar is an original design and its construction is supervised by the leading luthier in China. It has a AAAA super-thin double top soundboard for maximum tone and projection. The back is solid Ziricote wood, a very attractively patterned exotic wood, and its sides are also of Ziricote, but lined on the inside with cypress wood for greater rigidity. Its De Jung tuners have a ratio of 18:1 resulting in very smooth and accurate tuning. It also has a 12-hole bridge for greater string tension stability. This is an exceptional instrument of a very modern and aesthetically pleasing design and is a true concert instrument.