Aiersi SC02SRB Traditional

Traditional – Rehearsal Grade

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 Price = R4,850.00 which includes case  SOLD


About this guitar

As with all the guitars offered, this instrument is hand-crafted in the Airersi workshop in Nantong, and then set up per our 7-point pre-delivery service. It has a particularly sweet tone and good volume projection due in part to its larger than usual internal air volume. The soundboard (top) is supported by a traditional fan bracing system. Although less expensive than the other models on offer it is by no means a beginners guitar as accomplished guitarists will also find it easy to play and pleasing to listen to. It has a traditional Spanish guitar design with clean and simple lines. The Nut and Saddle are made of bone and provide an excellent transfer of energy from the strings to the soundboard. This guitar is exceptionally good value for money and is superior to any other guitar at its price-point on the South African market that I have tested.

Dr Christopher Peppler


Evaluation of the  Classical Guitar range

By Luigi Marucchi Luthier Feb 2017

I have inspected the four guitars offered for sale by Classical Guitars SA and comment as follows:

The overall workmanship and build quality are excellent resulting in well-built and balanced guitars.

The prices of the guitars on offer are well within the range of fair value.

The Rehearsal Grade guitar is an excellent traditional classical instrument with a  AAA solid top, fan bracing, laminated Rosewood back and sides, and mahogany neck. Its sound is true and the playability good. This guitar represents great value for money.