Aiersi SC098SPF Modern Lattice

Modern Lattice – Master Grade

Based on Greg Smallman concert guitars

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Price = R9,750.00 which includes case NO LONGER AVAILABLE FOR SALE



Here is a review of this guitar which also gives you an idea of what it sounds like

About this guitar

This guitar is exceptional. It is made from the finest solid tone woods and is well crafted and finished. The design is similar to the famous Greg Smallman designs and it also has a lattice bracing system beneath the soundboard. This allows the top wood to be planed down very thin and this  produces extremely good sound transfer. The back and sides are solid Rosewood but the back is made of two layers that provide extra strength and sound reflection. This extra layer has allowed the luthiers to give the back a pronounced dome contour that increases the internal air volume of the instrument. The combination of these factors gives this guitar very good volume and projection. Four other features are a raised fretboard, armrest, sound port, and truss rod. The raised fretboard provides easy access to the higher frets, and the thin armrest is comfortable and prevents the forearm from dampening the soundboard. The sound port in the upper bout enables the player to hear what the audience hears and makes playing a more satisfying experience. The two-way truss rod allows the player to adjust the neck relief if required due to adverse relative humidity conditions or ageing. This guitar is suitable for public performances and although priced well below the usual price of concert guitars provides features and quality seldom seen on any instruments available in South Africa.

Dr Christopher Peppler

And here is a full concert piece played on this amazing guitar

Evaluation of the  Classical Guitar range

By Luigi Marucchi Luthier Feb 2017

I have inspected the four guitars offered for sale by Classical Guitars SA and comment as follows:

The overall workmanship and build quality are excellent resulting in well-built and balanced guitars.

The prices of the guitars on offer are well within the range of fair value.

The Master Grade guitar is an exceptional guitar with innovative features. It has a raised fingerboard for ease of playing at the higher positions and a very functional armrest to improve both sound production and playing comfort. In addition, it has a sound porthole positioned in the top bout side that increases the volume and allows the player to hear what the audience hears. The top is made of solid AAA super-thin tone wood reinforced with a modern lattice bracing system. Its back and sides are double-laminated rosewood for extra rigidity and sound projection. It has a generously domed back for extra internal air volume, and it has a two-way truss rod for achieving perfect neck relief. This guitar is a concert grade instrument with all the modern features one could want. It’s only negative aspect is that it is rather heavy at 2.2kg.