Alex Tsiboulski plays Wurth, Gutmeier, and Gilbert

I must apologise for not posting anything for so long. Arthritis in my left hand flared up again and started affecting my right hand.  I had my hands x-rayed and confirmed that the disease had eaten away the cartilage of the joints of several fingers. As a result, I am only able to play for very short periods once or twice a week, and that only with the aid of a prescription anti-inflammatory. All this rather took the wind out of my sails and this site has suffered as a result. However, I will be keeping up the server fees for the time being in the hopes that the material will help keen amateur classical guitarists.

Just before my hands started giving me so much trouble, I came across Alex Tisboulski playing four pieces. What a talented guitarist! So, HERE is the link to the GSI Blog featuring Alex and his playing. Enjoy and be inspired!

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