Music (Transitional Level)

Transitional Level Players

Music Scores

Nocturne Op 4 No 2 Mertz played by Bradford Werner

This piece is deceptively simple but needs a lot of practice to play fluently. It is a beautiful piece and most suitable for performing before friends and family. I find it very enjoyable to play.

Here is the music score

Romance by Mertz played by Stephen Law

This simple piece is one of my favourites as it allows for expression and volume changes.

Here is the music score


 Romance by Tarrega and Spanish Romance (anon) played by Yvonne Helkenberg

I have linked these two because they go well together as a performance piece.
The music by Tarrega is simple but contains barres that need to be practised to achieve smooth transitions. The second part of the famous Spanish Romance is difficult to play and is more of an Intermediate piece.

Here is the music score for Romance by Terrega

Here is the music score for Spanish Romance

Etude Op 60 No 3 by Carcassi played by Edson Lopes

This piece can be a little repetitive and monotonous so it needs to be played with expression.

Here is the music score

Here Scott Morris gives a lesson on how to play this Etude


Here are two other pieces that appear on my list,  played here by Bradford Werner. He first plays the piece and then gives a lesson on how you should play it.

Study in C by Tarrega

Andante OP 60 No 14 by F. Sor