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The four beautiful Classical Guitars. For more details on each of these, simply click on the name of the guitar or click “play” to view the video.


The  Traditional   SOLD
(Rehearsal Grade)
The  Cutaway
(Performance Grade)
The Modern Lattice NOT FOR SALE
(Master Grade)
The Yulong Guo
(Concert Grade)
  • Cases

    All guitars come in cases which are included in the price. These cases are strong and robust, light weight, with good zip seal for humidity control, and excellent shock absorbent qualities for travelling.

    Classical guitar case


    Every purchase of a classical guitar entitles the buyer to up to four sets of D’Addario strings at a greatly reduced price.

    D’Addario classical guitar strings

    EJ45 Medium tension classical guitar strings  @ R150.00 per set

    EJ46 Hard tension classical guitar strings         @ R175.00 per set

    EXP45 Medium tension extended life strings @ R190.00 per set

    EXP46 Hard tension extended life strings         @ R190.00 per set